What Is The Importance Of Business Software To An Organisation?
What Is The Importance Of Business Software To An Organisation?
Why Tech Support is Crucial to the Overall User Experience
Why Tech Support is Crucial to Overall User Experience


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6 Kinds of Software SMEs Must Have

The six types of software that give SMEs a boost, enabling them to grow.

Technology has become an inevitable part of today’s dynamic business landscape. By using the right software, a business can achieve its full potential, which may previously have been unimaginable.

Software can make a business run in a more competent manner while simplifying the management process. The right software can help small business owners manage all their demands and responsibilities, from high-level strategic goals to day-to-day operations. The optimal software for all small and medium businesses is one that is designed to help them run and operate better, reduce costs, and convert manual processes into electronic ones.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM refers to a technology that allows businesses to manage, automate, and undertake operational challenges, including decline in sales and costs of high client retention. CRM helps to get more visibility for SMEs of the client base which eventually helps in designing the strategy needed for long-term profitability. The software comes equipped with an adept record-keeping system with precise financial reporting. CRM improves a company’s customer service practices, helping employees respond and resolve clients’ queries. For example, an entrepreneur can track customers’ complaints through CRM and take proper actions against it. A couple of the highly rated CRM software are Zoho and Nextsky.

HR and Payroll

SMEs can cut their costs by improving the proficiency of the HR system through HR and payroll software rather than doing it manually. The process has a positive impact on the bottom-line, which speeds up the work and easily eliminates human errors. Payroll processing is fast and easy when compared to manual systems. The software helps save time and extra manpower costs. Employees can view their pay slips, apply for leaves and reimbursements, and declare investments without hampering the precious time of the company HR. A few well-known software for HR and payroll are Greythr, Marg, Sage, Clock, and SumHR.


Cyber attacks like ransomware are an increasing phenomenon and systems across the world are susceptible to these attacks. Usually, SMEs are targeted because of their lack of cyber defences and security policies to protect against these attacks. In addition, due to the sophistication of cyber attacks and the quickly improving techniques, small and medium businesses are always at risk of an attack. Security and antivirus software is a key constituent for any company’s IT security strategy. Antivirus software protects the computers, servers, and data against viruses, malware, hackers, spyware, dodgy emails, and more. Sophos, Sequrite, and Trend Micro are a few of the top-rated antivirus software.

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