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Server Virtualisation Experts


Server Virtualisation Experts

At Landmark, we’re in the know about server visualisation. As part of our IT services, our expert virtualisation consultants have extensive experience with server virtualisation projects; configuring, supporting and maintaining virtual servers for organisations of all sizes.

Whether you already have an existing virtualized setup, or are looking to convert to one, Landmark’s IT services can help make your server virtualisation project a success.

Large or Small Virtualisation

Regardless of the size of your company, large or small, virtualizing the IT of your organisation is a smart move and will save you money in the long run. You’ll have the added benefit of more flexibility in supporting your IT infrastructure. Even if you only have one server, virtualisation can be very advantageous. And we’re there to provide you with IT support every step of the way.

Why should my business be using server virtualisation?

-Device Consolidation

Why use multiple pieces of hardware when you don’t have to? Server virtualization allows you to reduce the number of servers required to support your applications, streamlining the process.

-Rapid Deployment

Applications don’t need to rely on additional IT infrastructure, they can run rapidly and efficiently under the one, virtual server.

-Reduce infrastructure

Having multiple pieces of hardware increases the cost of your infrastructure. Moving to a virtual server reduces combines the number of servers and amount of storage hardware needed to run applications

-Business Continuity

As physical hardware is more likely to fail, server virtualisation allows for a more reliable and efficient business continuity and disaster recovery solution to be put in place.

-Reduced Operating Costs

Getting rid of bulky and power hungry equipment reduces server power and hosting space costs.

-Automated Disaster Recovery

In the event that the virtual machine be corrupted, a secondary physical server is the automated failover to ensure data recovery.

-Increase flexibility

Being untied to physical servers allows for applications to be available on demand, to any desktop, location, device or connection for employees.

Hardware Vendor Independence

You no longer have to be tied to a specific hardware vendor. With server virtualisation technologies, you can mix and match differing hardware with ease, suiting it to your IT requirements and your budget. There’s no need to upgrade when your vendor tells you to, only when you need to.

With Landmark’s advice and expertise, we’ll help you get a much longer life out of your hardware, reducing your total acquisition costs and saving you on unnecessary equipment purchases.

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