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Implement layered security solutions to stop cyber attacks from negatively impacting your SMB, which also keep users safe and allow for efficient backups in case of an attack.

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What We Do

We protect your business data, IT networks and devices from attacks. We work with your IT compliance needs, providing a bespoke solution to suit any requirements and making sure you’re protected on all fronts.

Businesses are often told that external threats are the most damaging, protecting them solely from that. But internal risks can be the biggest threat of all.

Internal threats occur inside company networks, and happen more often than people think. Through unintentional and unauthorised employee access to computers, data, and programs, internal threats are becoming critical to business, and it should be critically taken seriously. Our managed cyber security service can make sure your internal security are as strong as your external protection, remaining healthy, intact and hardened.

Managed Security

Market leading security for SMEs. Delivered from our industry-leading SOC, permanently manned by our team of certified, experienced cyber security experts

Risk & Assurance

We can help your businesses achieve a wide variety of results through a methodical approach that looks at the risks they face from every angle, including digital and physical.

Cloud Infrastructure

We work closely with world-class vendors to help our clients identify, implement and operate the security platforms that can help your business fend off unique threats.

Why Choose Us

Landmark is one of Ireland’s leading IT outsourcing and Cyber Security Service Providers. We have the scale to deliver the cyber security services you require, with the personal attention you expect.

We’re a responsive, client-focused, award-winning Managed Service Provider, and we’ve helped protect Irish SMEs just like yours.

We’re here to help you achieve success and transformation through your IT and communications.

Trusted IT Partner

We're a trusted cyber security company that provides innovative and effective cyber security solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts has years of experience in the cyber security industry, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Cyber Shield

Data breaches can cost organisations millions and years of productivity. We reduce your cyber security risks and exploit exposure so that you can focus on growing your business.

Support + Fast Response

When you're under cyber security threat, you need 24/7 support and fast response. That's why you need a provider that can offer round-the-clock service with swift and decisive solutions.

The complete cyber security solution for your business...

It has become increasingly difficult to keep data secure as organisations adopt a distributed workforce. Because of this, hackers are finding means to access data on unprotected systems.

Phishing is still the most popular method for delivering ransomware. No organisation is safe from cybercrime, no matter how big or small. Every business and organisation is a potential target for hackers. With multiple layers of cyber security, we assist small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) stay secure.

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Real Time Protection

Your network is constantly monitored for security threats. Our team of experts performs daily stress tests and reviews of security details to ensure your protection is up to date against internal and external threats ensuring your safe from know threats.

24/7 Incident Response

Our security technology monitors your network 24/7. It identifies any unusual or suspicious activity and threats caused by internal and external vulnerabilities. This allows you to protect your business and keep your data safe.

Full Network Coverage

Our team of experts provides full coverage of your network, non-invasively digging deep into your network and everything it’s connected to both physically and virtually; to find, remediate and recover any threats or vulnerabilities.

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By understanding your cyber security risks, you can take the necessary steps to protect your business from future breaches. 

Simplify privacy, compliance and take control your security.

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