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The Importance of Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees


Understanding How Fundamental Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees can be to Your Organisation

As is common within the world of business, we are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way in which work is conducted. Long gone are the days of businesses being reliant on face-to-face interactions, or sprawling office spaces, to function. We’ve entered a new age, an age of remote working; with this we bid a fond farewell to the deluge of bureaucratic red tape associated with complex hiring processes, cross-border communications and day-to-day proceedings.  

However, as with most things, when drawing up a list of pros and cons it is rare to find a vacant, unpopulated space beneath the ‘cons’ section. When looking at remote working, this rings true, and would likely read: ‘cyber crime’ – and would probably be emboldened and underlined, too! It is essential that your organisation is protected against cyber attacks, and that you have the proper IT infrastructure in place. This all begins with your employees, and ensuring that they are sufficiently trained in identifying, mitigating and eliminating cyber threats is essential.


Why is security awareness training for your employees integral to your business’ success?

With businesses generating troves of data every single day, it is crucial that this valuable commodity is protected against malicious threats. Cyber crime has surged in recent years, with IBM reporting that the average data breach reached an eye-watering $4.21 million back in 2021. The most common cause? Human error. In fact, human error accounts for 95% of all cyber security breaches. We’ve taken a look at why security awareness training for employees is so important:

  • Phishing attacks are among the most common threats facing your business, and your employees operate as the first line of defence. In a recent survey conducted by Proofpoint, they found that 80% of respondents had experienced at least one successful phishing attack last year – primarily due to a lack of cyber security awareness training for employees. By educating your employees on how to identify and report phishing emails, your organisation’s sensitive data will be better warded against these malicious threats.


  • The ramifications of a successful cyber attack can be devastating, and many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will never fully recover. Not only is your organisation impacted on a financial level – due to downtime, data breaches, ransomware or a financial details leak – your company’s reputation is also massively affected. By failing to provide your clients with the services they require, you are forcing them into the hands of your competitors. With the correct cyber security awareness training for employees in place, you are minimising the risk of falling afoul of malicious cyber threats.


  • Ensuring compliance is a must for organisations of any size. Failure to adhere, or comply, can result in sizable fines and restrictions, which will further damage your organisation’s financial and reputational standing. Cyber security awareness training for employees helps you remain compliant and ensures your organisation adopts best practice for its cyber security posture.


Landmark, your trusted cyber security partner

By partnering with Landmark, you gain access to our teams of cyber security experts, who are readily available to ensure your defences are bolstered against cyber criminals. With years of experience within the field, we can help your teams identify malicious threats and thwart potentially devastating breaches from developing.

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