Protect Against Threats

Cyber Security

Our high quality cyber security services can help keep your business safe, regardless of its size.

Protect against threats

Businesses are often told that external threats are the most damaging, protecting them solely from that. But internal risks can be the biggest threat of all.

Internal threats occur inside company networks, and happen more often than people think. Through unintentional and unauthorised employee access to computers, data, and programs, internal threats are becoming critical to business, and it should be critically taken seriously.

Our managed cyber security service can make sure your internal security are as strong as your external protection, remaining healthy, intact and hardened.

The Landmark approach to cyber security

Data breach and data loss is a major threat to businesses. It seems like every month another company is in the news about falling victim to a data breach from hackers. We often find that many companies have never even performed a basic security audit on their own network, let alone having a strong security system.

Landmark offers comprehensive network security consulting and auditing services. We offer a bespoke layered approach to cyber security, addressing every security need for every size of business.

During our audit we can help you check for vulnerabilities in your network and give you options on how best to remediate any holes found, creating a preventative security plan that suits your business. This includes security solutions for infrastructure and data protection, in addition to business continuity and data recovery services.

Whether you need services for basic security needs, to more advanced coverage for highly sensitive data, we can work with your IT compliance needs, providing a bespoke solution to suit any requirements.

Our aim is to offer you a full protection service to defend you from both external and internal threats. With quality technology in place using traditional practices such as patching, firewall management and anti-virus solutions, we ensure our clients have the best possible security solution available. And with our managed cyber security service uncovering threats inside your network, we’re here to make sure you’re protected on all fronts.

World class IT solutions

We work with a multitude of world class security vendors and can help you implement a sophisticated security layer to your corporate network. From anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware software to firewalls, encryption and username and password best practices; we can help your organisation reduce the risk of being the next victim of a cyber attack.

When you work with Landmark you get access to some of the best security companies and solutions in the world. When it comes to security, only the best will do. And we only do the best.

A trusted partner

No one can guarantee you will never be compromised. But what we can do is ensure you are doing everything reasonable to safeguard your data and prevent an unauthorised breach.

Most hacks find a low level, common issue and exploit it. Our job is to harden your security so that when hackers try and infiltrate, they’ll quickly find that your defenses are not weak. Better to prevent a hack, than to treat its aftermath.

What we can do for you?

-Full Network Coverage

We provide full coverage of your network, non-invasively digging deep into your network and everything it’s connected to both physically and virtually; to find, remediate and recover any threats or vulnerabilities.

-Full Protection

Your network is monitored daily, with tests and reviews of security details performed regularly to ensure your protection is up to date against internal and external threats.

-Remediating threats and vulnerabilities

We’ll detect, investigate and report any incidents of malice within your network, creating and implementing a remediation plan before the threat grows.

-24/7 Network Monitoring

Our security technology monitors your network 24/7. It identifies any unusual or suspicious activity and threats caused by internal and external vulnerabilities.

-Compliant Safe

Quality security doesn’t mean your compliance has to be compromised. We take our clients compliance needs very seriously, and use our technology to work alongside your compliance requirements, effectively and safely guarding against any risk inside your network.

Why is cyber security important?

With cyber security becoming more of a challenge to upkeep, some businesses are unsure whether it’s feasible to invest.

With many businesses thinking that only larger companies fall victim to cyber crimes, but SMEs are the most consistent target of a cyber crime.

Cyber criminals often target SMEs, believing they’re not as experienced as a larger organisation with their knowledge on cyber crime, making them more vulnerable as they may not even be aware it’s happening.

So what’s at risk? Cyber attacks pose a huge threat to business continuity, costing data loss, productivity and a loss of capital. GDPR regulations also mean you risk serious fines if you’re not compliant, in addition to negative publicity and poor relations with customers should a data breach occur.

With cyber criminals becoming savvier, and attacks becoming more frequent and damaging, it’s crucial that your business is fully equipped to deal with cyber threats.

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