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Accreditation This year has certainly been a tough one for all industries. And the IT support and managed services industry is no exception. After many years of committed service to this sector, joining the Business All-Star tribe is an accolade that we’re overjoyed to receive.  

Landmark Technologies provides IT support and a range of IT services such as cloud computing, cyber security, WiFi, and backup services to SMEs. Typically, such SMEs are looking to remove any stresses technology places on their business by outsourcing it. Then they can focus on the day to day and hitting their growth targets.  

For years we’ve derived great satisfaction from keeping clients’ technology going without skipping a beat and being the stable rock they lean on when technology conundrums arise. This alone is more than enough reason for us to do what we do. But now, as accredited Business All-Stars, our craft and our mission feel fuller and more rewarding than ever. Receiving this accolade is a seal of approval that now makes us as much successful entrepreneurs as we are IT experts. 

Landmark Technologies would once again like to thank the team at Business All-Stars for inviting us into their tribe. It’s quite a responsibility to bear and we’re ready to do it justice. Many thanks! 

Kapil Khanna, Managing Director of the AIBF says, “The best customer-centric companies not only put their customers first – they design services to meet the customers’ needs and create seamless experiences across the board.  Landmark Technologies is a fine example of such an approach and we are delighted to welcome them into the All-Star roll of honor”.