Microsoft Office 365 Support Experts

Office 365

Get the most out of Office 365. As both a Microsoft Silver partner and a Cloud Solution Provider, our services can support your entire Office 365 journey – from advice, to migration, integration and continued support and management – we offer expert bespoke advice to suit all of your business needs.

Microsoft Office 365 Support Experts

At Landmark, we only partner with the best. Which is why we are a Microsoft Silver Partner, providing Office 365 support and consulting services.

Whilst you may already be familiar with Microsoft applications such as Word, Powerpoint and email; Office 365 opens up a broader world of Microsoft, introducing valuable applications such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to your office.

Office 365 applications offer complete accessibility to its customers due to the application’s ability to be opened virtually anywhere, including on a mobile device. This boosts business productivity due to employees not needing to be tied to their computer in order to work.

Our expert consultants help support organisations of all sizes with their Microsoft Office 365 needs. Office 365 software is relatively easy to use, but it can be difficult and time consuming to manage and support the needs of all yours staff when using the applications.

Let Landmark take the burden off of your shoulders. Our specialised Office 365 IT support can be your go-to technical resource, helping you keep Office 365 running smoothly, securely and supporting your employees with their Microsoft needs.

Why work with us?

-Rolling Contract

We’ve partnered with Microsoft, and as a Cloud Solution Provider, we can offer our clients rolling monthly subscriptions. So you can enjoy the Cloud experience, without being tied into lengthy contracts.

-Intelligent Security

We use the highest form of security for your comfort / confidence / rest assured etc - both password-protecting and encrypting your login details using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), this allows you to remain compliant with GDPR and safeguard company data.

-Support to Suit You

Our team are here to help you with all of your Office 365 needs, tailoring and aligning them with the goals of your business, from advice to ongoing support, regardless of where you are in your Office 365 journey.

-Your Microsoft Silver Partner

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, your Microsoft needs and solutions are in expert hands.

-Always up to Date

You’ll always be up to date with the latest Office 365 software, allowing employees to enjoy the latest Office apps across PC, Mac, mobile device, or from their browser without having to download anything extra. Updates are automatically deployed internally, keeping you safe from potential external vulnerabilities.

-Connectivity & Infrastructure

Your Office 365 usage requires a strong network connectivity. And we’ll make sure it is strong, ensuring your broadband and connectivity are fully capable of supporting Office 365.

Let’s get working with Office 365

Switching to another system can seem daunting and time consuming. But with Office 365, it doesn’t have to be. Our team of experts are here to help and will take care of everything. Whether it’s a full migration, training, support or advice – we’ll walk you through it all.

1. Consultancy & Advice

Our expert team will guide you every step of the way - from initial consultation right through to set up and implementation – we’ll deliver a complete management service for your Office 365 installation.

2. Licencing

There are a number of plans available for your business. We can help you compare which plan is best to ensure you’re getting the right package for your business.

3. Migration and Integration

Our expert team will take care of the set up. As Microsoft Certified Professionals, they’ll ensure an easy set up through to the migration phase and a company roll out.

4. Ongoing Support and Management

Once Office 365 is up and running, our work doesn’t stop there. We offer are ongoing support to ensure your users questions.

Primary or Secondary Office 365 Support

Some organisations don’t have their own internal IT department. Which is where Landmark can come in. We can act as your virtual, on call IT department, giving you IT support at every level, including IT support for Office 365. Out IT services can fully manage, support and maintain Office 365 for you as your primary resource.

However, other organisations may only need secondary IT support on Office 365, like in the event of a major incident. We offer our IT services for both primary and secondary. Whether you need us as your primary IT support option, or only when things get too complex for your own IT department. The choice is yours. We’re happy to help.

Office 365 Customisation

There are multiple set up options in Office 365. It’s vast options of use is why the the powerful cloud application is so often invaluable to businesses. But unnecessary options can clutter the application, making it harder than it needs to be.

Landmark can help you in the setup of Office 365, customising the application in the most applicable way for your business needs, as well as our continued support with your custom settings going forward.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of using Office 365 due to being wary of the set up and its uses. We’ll provide you with all the IT support you need, leaving you to focus on what you do best; your business.