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Why are more businesses embracing Cloud migration?

Cloud Migration - Landmark Technologies

Why are more businesses embracing Cloud migration?

You might have heard the term ‘cloud migration’ before, but what does it mean, and why are so many people doing it? Well, put simply, it’s the process of moving data and applications from on-premises storage and servers to the internet. The Cloud can store and host everything from applications to files, emails and databases. Many businesses are embracing cloud migration now as a result of the increased demand for remote or hybrid workforces. But whether your workforce is remote or not, there are numerous benefits of migrating to the Cloud that are worth considering.  

If you’re considering cloud migration, but aren’t convinced it’s worth it, here’s the top business benefits:  

– Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery & Ransomware Protection 

There are numerous threats to your data, no matter where it’s stored. However, if a Cyber-attack, system failure or theft occurs and your files are not backed up in the Cloud, you could lose them forever. Cloud migration is the first step towards greater business resilience. The reliability of the Cloud enables businesses to restore lost data and stay operational with minimal downtime. In the long run, this could save your business thousands.   

– Boost efficiency & productivity 

When your data is stored in the Cloud, all you need is an internet connection to access it. This means that your entire workforce can do their jobs effectively from any location, on any device. In a world where remote working is becoming increasingly common long term, cloud computing is essential. 

– Scalability 

Unlike on-premises solutions, the Cloud never runs out of space. As your business grows, the number of files you use and the data you store will increase. When everything is stored in the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about your storage solutions not being able to support your changing requirements. Cloud solutions can be upscaled or downsized month by month based on your business needs.  

– Cost-effective 

The Cloud is also a highly cost-effective solution for any business. Its scalability and flexibility mean that you never need to pay for more than you use. As well as this, you’ll save a significant amount on overheads by reducing your on-premises solutions. Local servers require a lot of maintenance and management and can rack up some hefty bills long-term. When you migrate all your data to the Cloud, you’ll free up time, space and reduce costs by handing over the responsibility of maintenance to a Managed Service Provider like Landmark.  

– Integration & automation 

Cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 enable the seamless integration of systems across multiple devices and users. This includes everything from email and calendar integrations to collaboration on shared projects via chat, calls and real-time editing. The integration can go a step further with the automation of tasks and updates across your entire IT system. You can save time on maintenance and completely diminish the need for time to be spent on repetitive administration tasks.  

The benefits of Cloud Technologies - Landmark Technologies

Migrating to the Cloud is a smart move for any business. But it’s crucial to have a clear cloud migration strategy before you get started. If you’re not sure where to begin, chat with one of our Cloud migration experts today.



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