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Why Choose Landmark Technologies for Your IT Needs

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In this technology-driven era, choosing the right IT service provider can make or break your business. Among the plethora of choices, we at Landmark Technologies set ourselves apart as your go-to choice for effective, reliable, and affordable IT solutions. As one of Ireland’s leading IT outsourcing and cloud service providers, we have a steadfast commitment to providing world-class IT services. From small and medium-sized businesses to large organizations, we tailor our services to fit all sizes and types of businesses​.

About Us: Landmark Technologies at a Glance

Based in Dublin, Ireland, we pride ourselves on being a leading IT outsourcing and cloud service provider. Our extensive range of services includes IT support, cyber security, cloud computing, managed print services, online backup, Office 365 support, and managed WiFi services​. We specialize in optimizing business operations and IT departments, providing each client with a unique package of services that aligns with their business technology needs​.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our impressive KPIs, which include an 84% rate of tickets closed on the same day, 99% customer retention, and a 98% CSAT score​​. Trusted by over 220 Irish brands and organizations of all sizes, we are known for our exceptional customer experiences and top-notch IT support​​.

Why Landmark Technologies is Your Ideal Choice

  1. Proactive IT Support: Our IT support, which offers cost savings, improved efficiency, and productivity, is available to all businesses, big or small. We also offer you access to our expert knowledge and skills. Using a diagnostic approach usually only found in large organizations with in-house IT departments, we ensure all our clients receive top-tier service​​.
  2. Robust Cyber Security: We offer cost-effective solutions that can improve your organization’s cyber security posture, allowing your internal resources to focus on other priorities. Our services help mitigate risks by offering access to expert knowledge and resources that may not be available within your organization​​.
  3. Cloud Computing Services: Our cloud computing solutions are designed to provide significant cost savings. We eliminate the need for you to invest in expensive hardware and software, letting you pay only for the services you need, when you need them​​.
  4. Managed IT Services: We offer managed IT services that grow with your business, providing all our services at an affordable flat monthly rate, without any surprise costs. This transparency in pricing helps businesses better manage their IT budgets​.
  5. Customer-Focused Approach: We see your success as our success. Our goal is to achieve the best results for you, our client. This approach is reflected in our core values, which include providing an exceptional customer experience, paying attention to detail, and continuously improving our services​​.
  6. Scale and Personal Attention: No matter your team’s size, from 10 to 15 people or hundreds, we have the capacity to deliver the IT services you need with the personal attention you expect​​.


Choosing us, Landmark Technologies, as your IT service provider means partnering with a responsive, client-focused, and award-winning Managed Service Provider​. With Landmark, you get more than just an IT service provider; you get a committed partner dedicated to your business’s success.


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