Impact of COVID-19 on business IT Infrastructure
Impact of COVID-19 on Business IT Infrastructure
How is Ransomware Different During Covid19 Pandemic?
How is Ransomware Different During Covid19 Pandemic?


How SME's can use WFH to improve their Cyber Security

How SME’s can use WFH to Improve Cyber Security

Time to Take Control 

For many SME’s this new working norm has forced us to look more deeply at our networks and especially our security, and ways to improve Cyber Security.

This is a great opportunity to ask yourself the below questions:

  • Employees need VPN access?
  • Have enough licenses for everyone who needs to log in?
  • Employees know how to connect?
  • Do they know whom to contact if they have issues?
  • If they have access to files and systems, do they have the appropriate access level?
  • Do your employees know how to handle potentially sensitive or protected information they may access while off-site?
  • Can your network handle an unusually high volume of simultaneous traffic created by employees working remotely during a disruption?

If you don’t have the above sorted, get in touch with us  to discuss what options are best for you and your employees.

Empower Employees

We are often told that external threats are the most damaging, protecting our business solely from that. But internal risks can be the biggest threat of all. The biggest cybersecurity risk to businesses is employee negligence, most of the time unintentional as employees haven’t been given the right training or support.

Remote working has opened up new possibilities for employees to inadvertently make errors and enable attackers to gain access to business networks. For example, home WiFi can be compromised due to weak passwords and employees are more likely to be visiting work-related websites from personal devices that are not securely configured.

You can improve Cyber Security by updating or creating a WFH Security Policy. You are empowering your employees to make the best decisions for themselves and the business. We can help you develop this policy for your employees so you have covered all aspects, contact us now for more information.

Monitoring Software at the Forefront

Aside from the more traditional and predictable attacks, researches in early March had already found two innovative coronavirus-related malware attacks. They succeed because users are looking for data on the virus and inadvertently become victims of attacks.

As we know, any data theft can result in a huge loss to an organisation along with customer dissatisfaction and negatively impact company reputation.

By investing in Cyber Security monitoring software, a crucial part of business risk management, and by using an IT support company or in house department for continued monitoring, updates and support is key.

By doing these you are massively mitigating the risks of falling vicim to an attack or having data breached from un-secure software or employee negligence.

Have you Maximised Employee’s Ability to Work Remotely?

Successfully Lead Employees During This Time

Having the ability for your employees to work remotely is a huge benefit for companies to invest into.

We can help you:

Support is essential for your employees to limit any downtime or technical issues, allowing them to maximise workflow for the company. Contact us now for more information.

Our personal, hands on approach is why so many of our clients affectionately refer to us as “Their IT Department”. Contact us now for more information.