Does Cybersecurity affect me? 
Does Cyber Security affect me? 
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Top Cyber Security Questions Businesses Should be Asking

In honour of Cyber Security month this October, we have listed the top questions any business owner should be asking themselves to avoid Cyber Security threats that may have a harmful effect on your business.


Do I have the right Cyber Security in place? 

Data breach and data loss is a major threat to businesses.

It seems like every month another company is in the news about falling victim to a data breach from hackers. We often find that many companies have never even performed a basic security audit on their own network, let alone having a strong (or any) security system. Have you confirmed that you are complying with regulatory requirements for your industry?

Are you checking regularly, or know how to check regularly, for vulnerabilities in your network? Creating a preventative security plan is the best way to avoid cyber threats. This includes security solutions for infrastructure and data protection, in addition to business continuity and data recovery services. To learn more please click here.

Are all my employees adequately educated about Cyber Security threats? 

Do you have security practices and policies for your employees? Here are a few examples;
  • Requiring strong passwords.
  • Established Internet use guidelines that detail penalties for violating company Cyber Security policies.
  • Establish rules of behaviour describing how to handle and protect customer information and other vital data.
  • Access control – Do all your employees have access to sensitive data? Do you have a system in place to limit access to suit the job role of the employee?
  • Do your employees use personal computers or mobile devices to sign in or access work data? These devises may not be protected.

How do I keep up with new emerging threats? 

With Cyber Security becoming more of a challenge to upkeep, some businesses are unsure whether it’s feasible to invest.

Many businesses think that only larger companies fall victim to cyber crimes, but SMEs are the most consistent targets of a cyber crime.

Cyber criminals often target SMEs, believing they’re not as experienced as a larger organisation with their knowledge on cyber crime, making them more vulnerable as they may not even be aware it’s happening. This is why it’s so important to regularly update your systems to compete with new emerging threats. The best and easiest way to do this is by partnering with a technology company who is able to keep on top of your Cyber Security for you.


Landmark offers comprehensive network security consulting and auditing services. We offer a bespoke layered approach to cyber security, addressing every security need for every size of business.

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