VoIP Telephone System - Top Business Reasons To Switch
VoIP Telephone System – Top Business Reasons To Switch
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Working From Home – Health & Wellbeing

When your entire routine gets thrown its easy to forget about your health and wellbeing practices, especially if these practices involved travel, e.g going to a studio or gym or meeting up with friends and family for connection and company.

It’s arguably more important than ever now to create or maintain your health and welling practises.

There are clear benefits from working from home, however employers should still encourage their workers to take care of themselves.

Set – up

What do you require to work comfortably? Do you like having a window to look out? Or do you find it too distracting and need a blank wall to concentrate? Figure out what works for you.

Do you have a desk or home office already set up only for occasional work? This might be ok for short term projects however is it an appropriate set up for a full working week of hours? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this setup too isolated for me? (e.g desk in a corner)
  • Is this setup too distracting for me? (e.g in a busy household kitchen)
  • Do I have enough space to work comfortably?
  • Is my chair giving me enough support?
  • Do I have good wifi connection from my desk?
  • Is natural light and fresh air easily accessible from your desk?

You many need to temporally change or take over a room used for something else, but having a working space working best for you is vital.


Some Employees working from home can spend hours in the same position, as they don’t have natural interruptions to their day as they would in an office, even meetings and conferences are all now done virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, so no need to move a muscle from your desk. Although these technologies have been instrumental in allowing so many to work from home, it’s important to remain aware that they are replacing other routines or important activities so concessions must be taken.

Do you normally walk or cycle to work? Then walk or cycle before you start your work day. Even if its walking around the garden for a few minutes, this will set the tone for the day.


The feeling of control loss can negatively impact us. We are currently at the mercy of circumstance, there is nothing we can do about the Quarantine Status of the country.

You cant control the situation but you can take control of your working practice, be that organising your schedule or spotting something that can be improved and improving it, will cheer you up no end and leave you feeling productive.

Have you always wanted to learn a new programme? Or test out a new report layout etc.. now is the time to innovate, find new ways of doing things and take back control of your working day. Bigger Brains’ is a great mobile-friendly, uniquely engaging, e-learning portal with teacher/learner format. Check out what course they offer here.


We are currently experiencing an unexpected and unprecedented global shift to work from home. This is a time where technology has been more important than ever for businesses and many have realised that remote work, works.

However with these technologies may come a learning curve, for both business owners and employees. Having all systems up and working securely and your employees trained will keep them happy and productive. Successfully lead and support employees during this time. Check out our Working From Home Solutions. 

Our personal, hands on approach is why so many of our clients affectionately refer to us as “their IT Department”. Contact us now for more information.