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What is DORA? A Guide to Navigating Compliance in the Financial Sector

In an era where digital operations are at the heart of financial services, ensuring operational resilience is more critical than ever. The Digital Operational Resilience Act […]
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The 12 Scams of Christmas: Navigating Holiday Cybersecurity Threats in the Workplace

The holiday season, while a time of festivity and giving, is also a peak period for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities within businesses. From phishing attacks disguised […]
Teamwork, laptop hologram and people with data analytics, cyber security research and cloud computi

The State of Cybersecurity: Challenges and Triumphs

As we inch further into the digital age, our reliance on technology is both a testament to human innovation and a vulnerable point of potential exploitation. […]
Team of hackers hired by government to test their firewall

A Business Guide to Penetration Testing in Ireland

In today’s interconnected digital environment, cybersecurity is no longer an optional luxury but a critical necessity. For businesses operating in Ireland, as is the case globally, […]
Students using computer in classroom

Digital Safety in Schools: The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity in Education

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, schools are no exception. Classrooms are being transformed with digital tools and online resources. While this technological shift offers incredible […]

Reducing Cyber Threats with a Managed IT Solution: An Opinion Piece by Ken Kelleher

In our increasingly digital world, the threat of cyber-attacks is a constant concern for businesses of all sizes. The sophistication and frequency of these attacks are […]
Cyber security agency coworker indicating on screen high usage of processing power on data grid

Did you know that over half of small businesses experience a cyber attack at some point?

As a business owner, it’s essential to protect your company from cyber attacks. These attacks can have serious consequences, including financial loss, damage to your reputation, […]
Cybersecurity data protection concept

5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs Cybersecurity Services

As an Irish business owner, it’s important to understand the risks that your company faces when it comes to cyber-attacks. While you may think that your […]
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5 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs a Cybersecurity Audit

In the digital age, businesses require faster and more secure methods of communicating. Smaller organizations in particular benefit from virtual collaboration software as it allows them […]

Why SMBs are at Greater Risk of Cyber Attacks

Why SMBs are at Greater Risk of Cyber Attacks  The adoption of remote working across the globe has had a significant impact on the way in […]

What is Cybersecurity all about? 4 Common Types of Cyber-Attacks to Look Out For.

30% Irish Remote Workers Have Had Their Account Compromised

30% Irish Remote Workers Have Had Their Account Compromised

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