Is It Time to Let Employees Work from anywhere?
Is It Time to Let Employees Work from Anywhere?
How SME's can use WFH to Improve Cyber Security
How SME’s can use WFH to Improve Cyber Security


Impact of COVID-19 on business IT Infrastructure

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Impact of COVID-19 on Business IT Infrastructure

In recent months, the world has stopped due to the looming threat of coronavirus. Countries across the world have imposed lockdowns, travel bans, quarantines, and other social interactions. Businesses around the world are struggling to work normally as they face one of its biggest challenges that were predicted multiple times in the past. However, as the impact on our future life is unknown, IT has become the last option to get business up and running. So the real question is “What is the impact of COVID-19 on IT infrastructure of business?” Businesses are dealing with such crises for the first time and for some without a proper IT infrastructure there are several challenges they are facing such as:

Businesses are not ready

Companies are dealing with different numbers of employee and many of them exceed 500 employees. This simply means that they have dozens of VPN connections, based on an entry-level product from a major brand. This leads to a service disruption multiple times until the IT department moves and quickly fixed the problem.

Business are still discovering videoconferencing

It’s the first time for many businesses to be using such platforms for meetings and conferences. Employees have previously used smartphones, and other devices for skype, Face time, and other video calling tools but concepts such as video conferencing is still new.

Document collaboration

Applications such as Google Docs were launched several years ago, but there was still very limited exposure to them. However, the businesses using these platforms are still discovering useful tools for improving their productivity. Previously, the only online medium to share documents was via email.

Obsession with printing

Many businesses still use hardcopies of documents to discuss them, making and replicating notes, and lastly making modifications in the original files. However, none of it is happening now. Employees are switching to softcopies for everything.

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